These Are the Best Romantic Perfumes Our Editors Love

Date night can be fun and exciting—whether you’ve been with your partner for years or going on a first date with someone you met on Tinder. Sure, for the latter, there can be some nerves, but whether it’s the first date or 300th date, I always find it’s a great opportunity to get dressed up and feel good. And honestly, after two years of being cooped up at home, I’ll take any chance I get to put on a nice dress, some dancing shoes, and some feel-good beauty products for a night out with someone cute.

While my favorite makeup product is a bold lipstick (and preferably a smudge-free one) for date night, I love the idea of experimenting with some flirty and romantic fragrances. Unless you’re dousing yourself in a perfume, a hint of fragrance feels very intimate—they’ll have to get a little closer to you to get a whiff.

So, I asked my colleagues for their favorite romantic perfumes for inspiration. See what they had to say below, plus other highly rated picks.

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