The Secret to Making My Warm Weather Outfits Look Expensive

If there’s one area I truly shine in as a fashion editor, it’s finding expensive-looking items that aren’t actually expensive. This especially comes in handy when I want an outfit to look impeccably chic but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. So how do you make an outfit look luxurious in the sweltering summer heat when all you want to reach for are flimsy shorts and a tank top? Here’s my secret. It’s all about opting for the right fabrics in chic silhouettes. For example, linen is something that can look premium at a more affordable price point, especially when it’s paired with a minimalist silhouette.

Below, I’m sharing more of my go-to fabrics and textures that I always lean on when I want my outfit to look expensive. Keep scrolling to shop my favorite finds in each category that look pricey but won’t break the bank.

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