The 8 Best Skincare Products for Anyone Over 40

“Clients in their 40s definitely voice more concern around fine lines and wrinkles, an increase in laxity, and uneven skin tone,” says facialist to the stars and Australian skin expert Melanie Grant. “The rate at which our skin produces collagen starts to rapidly decline from age 30, and in our 40s, the sun exposure and potential sun damage from our youth really starts to surface with uneven pigment, dark patches, and sunspots.” Plus, for many women, she notes, perimenopause is another factor that can contribute to a significant change in the skin once we hit our 40s since hormones shift and prepare for menopause. (This can cause a number of concerns, including dehydration, dryness, laxity, breakouts, and even rosacea.)

The good news? according to Joshua Zeichner, MD, FAAD, adding and prioritizing the right skincare products can improve the aforementioned signs of aging while simultaneously reducing future damage, even if, sadly, we can’t change our genetics, previous environmental exposures, or lifestyle faux pas.

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