The 12 Best Airbrush Makeup Products for Flawless Coverage

Formulas meant for an airbrush device are different from those for traditional foundation because the machine pushes the product out in a fine, controlled mist that’s attached to an air compressor. Airbrush-device foundations are thinner and usually water-soluble, so the product absorbs into your skin better. The idea is that it creates more of an even finish.

The real question, though, is does this make it any better than traditional liquid or powder foundations? According to celebrity makeup artist Beck Wainner, not exactly. “I think there’s a big misconception that using airbrush makeup is better than manually applying foundation or that it lasts longer and gives you more of a flawless finish,” she says. “The finish and longevity [of your makeup] are [actually] based on what products are used and the skill set of whoever’s applying them. Personally, when it comes to applying foundation, I prefer a regular formula. Airbrush makeup does not mean you will appear airbrushed or photoshopped in person; it’s simply just another way of applying makeup.”

If Wainner ever does use an airbrush device, though, she’ll use Temptu’s Air Deluxe Airbrush Kit ($415). “It includes a large variety of shades as well as blush and highlighters,” she shares. Below, you’ll find a few more device options along with other airbrush foundation formulas if you’d like to try them for yourself. See how the internet’s most popular spray-on options held up after I tested a couple for myself.

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