Smart current sensor links to PCs and PLCs

Called SRCMH070IB+, it has a USB connection to allow residual currents to be analysed in detail on a PC using Windows-based software. Oscilloscope and FFT frequency analysis is available (right).

The product is complaint with the updated norm IEC62020-1. “This means that it can used for remote monitoring without the need to perform periodic on-site checks of the insulation resistance,” according to Danisense.

The cable (or basbar) aperture is 70mm, and there are user-selectable settings for frequency range, integration time and rated residual operating current.

True RMS current is available through an analogue 4-20mA output, sutable for interfacing with PLCs, for example.

Danisense SRCM“We can currently see that residual current monitors are no longer just coupled to the conventional energy measuring devices,” said Danisense business development engineer Roland Buerger. “In the future, the monitoring will be taken over by the PLC. The system-related leakage currents can thus be linked to the respective status of the plant. In this way, real fault currents can be detected much more accurately and reliably.”

Type B/B+ SRCM can measure DC and AC residual currents up to 2Arms at up to 100kHz, suiting it to industrial applications, non-linear loads and generation sources like renewable energies. Potential applications include monitoring the residual currents in production machinery or data centres.

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