Here’s Why Nylon Bags Are a Great Investment

I think a lot about my first designer bag purchase. After considering the piece for months and saving up when I was younger, I finally made the splurge and invested in a Prada nylon messenger bag. Finished with a long strap, front buckle, triangle logo, and signature nylon, it was perfect and very well-loved—I carried it everywhere and still do to this day. Durable, utilitarian, and anti-trend, it’s a piece that stands the test of time and also stands up to the ever-fleeting nature of trends.

While Prada’s nylon bags have been cool since the ‘90s and will never go out of style, they’re again in focus in a big way right now. Nylon is a big part of the brand’s heritage and has been reinvigorated by the Prada Re-Nylon project that is converting all the production of virgin nylon to regenerated nylon—making the pieces more sustainable and more in-demand than ever. Whether you want to invest in a designer bag or find a more affordable style to add to your cart, there are so many great pieces on the market. Ahead, the coolest nylon bags to have on your radar right now.

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