Gen Z Is Obsessed With These 11 Fashion and Beauty Brands

As a Gen Zer with teenage brothers and cousins and an older sister in her ’30s, I feel like I’ve got a front row view to the inner happenings of both generations. With one family hangout, I can figure out where my sister is shopping and how it compared to where my brother and cousins are making their purchases. As a Gen Z girl myself, I obviously pay attention to the younger generation more, and it seems like both the fashion and beauty industry are shifting their eyes away from the millennial-only viewpoint to what the new generation wants in a product. This could mean entirely new brands coming to fruition, old brands revamping or creating entirely different lines in their company to meet the Gen-Z standard.

Many brands have tried to target Generation Z, and only some have succeeded. In just a simple scroll through TikTok, it’s clear to see which brands have done the job. Aside from affordable fast-fashion brands like H&M or Zara, there are very specific brands that are worth the purchase to the younger generation. Keep scrolling to see what they are. 

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