Flutter the winner in Google’s Puzzle Hack competition

Flutter is the open source mobile user interface toolkit you can use creating embedded graphic components (from a single codebase via native Arm code).

Participants were challenged to use the system to reimagine a classic slide puzzle. Apparently 5,500 developers entered from 120 countries, and you can read more about the competition here.

Do check out the winners – the Planets tile-shifting game, for example – to get a feel for what is possible. The winners, in the various cateories, were:

  • Best Execution – Planets by Jyotirmoy Paul
  • Best Animation / Design – Retro Slide Puzzle by Ashish Beck
  • Most Creative – The Werewolves Escape by Ahmad Ayaz Noor
  • Best Multiplatform – slideparty by Duong Bui Dai
  • Best Educational Content – Dashtronaut by Roaa Khaddam
  • Flutter on the Web Feedback – ZPuzzle by Sébastien Bel
  • Community Choice – Hash by Juliana Seng and Brandon Tan Jian Sin

You can check out Google’s descriptions of some of the Puzzle Hack winners below:

Best Execution

Planets by Jyotirmoy Paul

This project impressed the judges on many levels with its excellent use of animation, code quality, and pure creativity. On top of the code itself, Jyotirmoy shared some great learning moments along the way — check it out if you’re interested.

Most Creative

The Werewolves Escape by Ahmad Ayaz Noor and team

This feature-rich project combined the best of Flutter across web, mobile, and desktop. The storyline took the slide puzzle game to a completely new level of fun. Check out their submission page for more information on what this team learned as they built this project.

Best Animation / Design

Retro Slide Puzzle by Ashish Beck

This puzzle’s extra-polished visuals caught the judges’ attention right away. The project incorporates smooth Rive animations, sound plug-ins, auto-complete, and other features that make it incredibly satisfying to play.

Best Multiplatform

Slide Party by Duong Bui Dai

Ever wanted to compete with your friends to see who can solve a slide puzzle the fastest? This puzzle lets you do just that! Not only that, but the players don’t even need to be on the same device or operating system, thanks to the flexibility of Flutter.

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