Best Attractions to Visit in Ladakh in June in 2022

Who doesn’t love going on excursions and tours to unwind from their hectic and busy schedules? You should always take some time away from your desks and stress-filled lives to go on a trip!

You deserve some leisurely, tranquil, peaceful, and relaxing time for yourself. After hours of work and months of constant tension and work, you should delight yourself with a unique holiday excursion! Partake in a night out with loved ones to partake in the marvels of the normal world interminably.

The ideal time to go out with your family on an unforgettable trip is between May and June! If you’re looking for an exciting journey through rivers and mountains, then why not visit the beautiful region of Ladakh?

Attractions to Visit in Ladakh in June

Ladakh is among the most beautiful places to visit in June since it’s summer and tourists are all over the country. Ladakh isn’t going to be freezing, and you can enjoy its beauty in Ladakh without freezing. In summer Ladakh’s temperature is about fifteen degrees Celsius, and it’s better than the minus -2 degrees Celsius! Checking Out Reviews is always helpful while planning a trip.

Without thinking about anything else, Let’s move on to the list of places you can visit during June during the Ladakh trip.

Turtuk village

The most unique and wonderful aspect of this village is that it is the only village located on the border between Indo-Pak and Pakistan. It is the most northern village in India and is situated within the Nubra Valley in the Leh district. It is about 205 kilometers from Ladakh, the capital of Ladakh.

Even though it’s distant from the capital, The trip is well worth the effort. The town is famous for the variety of fruits it produces and, perhaps most important, Apricots. It is also possible to visit Siachen Glacier from here. Siachen Glacier from here is one of the entrances leading to the magnificent glacier.

It is possible to get an eagle’s view of K2 mountain, the highest peak within the Karakoram Range. K2 Mountain is visible from the village. Do not miss this spot when you’re taking the Ladakh tour.

Tso Moriri

The name for the mountain lake also refers to the name Tso Moriri. This lake lies amidst majestic mountains, creating a tranquil and positive environment. The clean air and stunning scenery are ideal places to spend time in. It is located at an elevation of 4522m above sea level.

Tso Moriri is a highly underrated spot compared to the renowned Pangong Lake. In the event that you hate the groups, you shouldn’t visit this spot. In any case, that doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t go to one of the lakes.

Both are amazing for their sheer magnificence. If you’d like to have a good time by the shores of Lake Ladakh and enjoy the view, then make sure you do this area on your Ladakh tour.

Alchi Monastery

If you’re on the Ladakh tour but don’t go to the monastery, which has a lot of significance in the pages of historical records and legend, then your trip is in limbo. If you visit Ladakh and don’t have time, make sure to stop by and stroll through the monastic’s passageways. Alchi Monastery is the oldest and most well-known Buddhist temple in Ladakh.

The beautiful and tranquil monastery is situated inside the Alchi village in the Leh district. It is located about 65km from Ladakh’s capital along its banks along the Indus River. It is recommended to include this location in your list of places to see during your Ladakh tour.

Leh Market

If you’re looking to buy unique gifts for your family and friends, If you want to buy memorable gifts for your loved ones, then take some time and go to Leh Market. It’s one of the best places to view and observe the diverse and vibrant cultural diversity of Ladakh.

It is among the most storied markets of Ladakh and dates back to the 15th century. It is among the most popular attractions to see during your Ladakh tour. It’s a stunningly vibrant and beautiful location, from woolen clothing to jewelry.

Indian Astronomical Observatory

The most exciting and thrilling destination to visit within Ladakh is the Indian Astronomical Observatory. If you want to experience the wonder and beauty of the universe, this is the place you should visit. The observatory is situated at the foot of Mount Saraswati in the south-eastern region of Hanle in Ladakh.

It takes approximately an hour to travel to Indian Astronomical Astronomy. It is situated at an altitude of 4500m, and it is the tenth most optical telescope in the world. If you can spare time during your trip, it is a must to visit this spot. It’s a place filled with wonders!

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