Apparently, a “Vibe Shift” Is Happening—Here’s What to Buy

If you know what a “vibe shift” is, you probably read The Cut’s viral article about it back in February. If you’re unfamiliar, the gist of it is that cultural trends shift every several years. A few examples of past cultural trends are normcore, hipster, techno revival, and hypebeast. As the article puts it, when the current trend starts to become dated, you have what’s known as a “vibe shift,” and you can either choose to shift with it or stick with what you’re comfortable with—even if that means being left behind in certain ways. The article goes on to predict that a shift is coming. Although, we don’t entirely know what exactly we’ll be shifting to yet.

There’s no arguing that the article is incredibly insightful, thought-provoking, and accurate, but if the thought of a “vibe shift” leaves you feeling exhausted, that’s okay. And if you don’t want to feel like you’re “dated” but also don’t want to feel like you’re trying too hard or constantly just trying to keep up, that’s okay too. At least as far as your wardrobe goes, you don’t have to keep up. You can wear what you like and stick to things with timeless appeal. If that sounds like your preference, keep scrolling to shop items that’ll stay relevant no matter what the vibe may be.

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