An easy way to manually set a 16bit number in an Arduino

This is all part of my personal challenge to quickly and accurately manually set 16bit numbers for microcontrollers.

Thanks to the earlier hard work of others, writing libraries and how-tos, it worked straight away (right). In this case it was the <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h> library and a code example for that library by ‘Arduino uno guy’.

EinW 16bit potentiometer display

Adding a couple of analogue reads and some arithmetic, as well as finding more about lcd.print, took a little longer, but that also worked (left).

The only bit that didn’t happen over the weekend was to connect the potentiometers.

EinW upirYoutube graphical potentiometerMeanwhile, I came across the most wonderful potentiometer interface (right) which pushes an Arduino Uno to its max as a graphics controller to drive a small graphical oled display right behind the potentiometer knob – what a beautiful user interface – created by the person behind the ‘upir’ Youtube channel. Looks like he is based in the Czech Republic.

In a world of such marvels, I think I might hang up my keyboard….

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