All the Spring Canada Goose Items I Packed for Joshua Tree

 Before I dive into the intimate contents of my suitcase, let me first assure you I am not necessarily “one with nature.” I enjoy being outdoors and appreciate new experiences, but activities like hiking, rock climbing, and the like do not come naturally to me. With that being said, my recent trip to Joshua Tree with Canada Goose helped me become 10 times more comfortable in the outdoors, and that was largely due to the products I packed and experiencing the overall brand ethos for myself. I know you might be thinking that Canada Goose is a winter-outerwear brand, and you’re not wrong. What you might not know, however, is that it recently launched a spring collection featuring products that are designed to be worn in all kinds of environments, not just the snow, and I got to test some of them out. 

Canada Goose’s brand ethos—Live in the Open—is a mindset that encourages people to express themselves freely and without judgment while exploring the world around them. As someone who was not very comfortable in nature, this was great news to me. With the Canada Goose team by my side and noteworthy new products on my person, I was able to have a successfully active (and stylish) weekend in Joshua Tree. There were so many new products I tried while on my trip that were naturally perfect for a weekend outdoors but have since transitioned seamlessly into my regular wardrobe. Curious about which pieces made the most impact on me during my trip and have made the cut in my day-to-day life? Scroll down to see every standout item I wore during my trip with Canada Goose and shop more pieces from the brand’s new spring collection that I love. 

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