7 Simple and Chic Items in a Nordstrom Buyer’s Shopping Cart

Susie Wright is routinely an excellent source of shopping inspiration. With her popular blog, So Susie, and role as a stylist, she just knows what’s up in the style department. She also worked as a Nordstrom buyer for many years, so she’s particularly well versed in all things Nordy shopping and, as a result, shops the retailer on the regular. So we thought we’d get a sense of what’s currently in her Nordy cart.

Wright actually mentioned that there are six key trends she’s loving at the moment, so she has pieces that fit each trend in her cart. The trends in question are chic and can be mixed and matched with her existing wardrobe. 

Keep scrolling to check out the trends Wright is loving, complete with a range of product recommendations that may work for you as well. 

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