5 Affordable Items You’ll Never Regret Buying

Ever grab an item you only kinda like because it’s on sale? Or return home from a shopping spree with a bag full of reasonably priced pieces that end up in the bottom of a drawer? Yeah, us too. While shopping for items at a lower price point is necessary for most people, it can sometimes be a trap. Without a plan, we tend to go for the deal without even really thinking about what it is that we’re buying or even if it works for us. 

With this in mind, I sought to identify five foolproof, budget-friendly items that are sure to keep both buyer’s remorse at bay and become a part of your regular weartation (see what I did there?) One thing to keep in mind: When trying to get the most bang for your buck, opt for more classic styles that you can easily wear multiple times and in a variety of different ways. Keep scrolling for my top picks below. 

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