Top body positivity influencers are not there to create impeccably curated images that show perfection in all aspects of beauty and lifestyle. Things are starting to change as people are gearing towards real, relatable, and authentic. Inclusion and diversity have become the new trend in influencer marketing- and body positivity influencers now interact with audiences who look up to them for representation and inspiration and collaborate with brands that share their values and aspirations.

Recently, a relatively new group of influencers has taken social media by storm. They wanted to show others that there’s more to life than trying to meet society’s expectations. So, make way for the top body positivity influencers who challenge beauty standards by revealing their true, unfiltered selves.



Social media has often depicted beauty according to the ideal – fair complexion, smooth and flawless skin, model thin or hourglass body for women, and lean body for men. Being exposed to such narrow, unrealistic ideals can only hurt our body image and lead us to compare ourselves to others. One research has shown the detrimental effects of beauty ideals on social media on one’s body image. Many people, especially teens, suffer from negative body image, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression. 

Image-laden social media platforms like Instagram tend to cause these feelings of discomfort for users who see how other people portray themselves online. The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) report shows that Instagram and Snap Chat are the worst platforms for the mental health and well-being of young people. Shirley Cramer, CBE, Chief Executive, RSPH, commented in the report how both platforms are very image-focused and appear to be driving feelings of inadequacy and anxiety in young people.

Good thing there are a group of body positivity Instagram influencers who have broken away from these oppressive and idealized beauty standards by starting their #BodyPositivity and #SelfLove campaigns on social media, particularly on Instagram.


The Body Positivity Movement and Body Positivity Social Media Influencers


The Body Positivity Movement has its early roots in a Fat Rights Movement that began in the 1960s in the United States. The initial focus on challenging unrealistic beauty standards expanded and began to shift towards a message that “all bodies are beautiful.” 

Nowadays, body positivity influencers and body positivity social media influencers use their voices and platforms to encourage positive body image and welcome diversity. They celebrate beauty in diverse shapes, sizes, and colors. They also consider unique physical features as assets rather than liabilities. Interestingly, these influencers have also struggled with body image issues at some point in their lives, which makes them more relatable to ordinary people.

With the growing popularity of the Body Positivity Movement, brands can capitalize on the movement to reach out to their target audience. For example, those that sell beauty and style-related merchandise can include more diverse models, such as curvy, BIPOC, or differently-abled men and women. Aerie, the lingerie and undergarment retailer owned by the American Eagle Outfitters Corporation, was one of the first companies to hop on the bandwagon and succeeded in its marketing campaigns.

Here in Amra and Elma, we present you a list of 100 Top Body Positivity Influencers who have broken out of their shelves to show who they are. These influencers have come from diverse backgrounds – some are celebrities, models, athletes, dietitians, and content creators, who come together with a common goal: to show the world that true beauty means accepting and loving yourself, regardless of your appearance, color, size, or shape.


List of 100 Top Body Positivity Influencers 


1. ALICIA KEYS @aliciakeys (22.5M)



Fifteen-time GRAMMY awardee, singer-songwriter, and actress Alicia Keys is world-renowned for her soulful music, but her staying at the forefront of the body positivity movement is what makes her even more admirable. Being one of the top body positivity influencers, Alicia is all about loving her body and preferring her curves over anything else. As she says in one interview, ” I’ve found that to be very beautiful. I love a beautiful booty; I just love curviness. I have a certain style of the body that I feel that everybody wants, and I love that.”


2. ASHLEY GRAHAM @ashleygraham (16M)


body positivity social media influencers


American supermodel Ashley Graham is one of the Top Body Positivity Influencers to look up to for inspiration. Ashley began her modeling career at 13 and later became the first “plus-size” model to grace the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover in 2016. Ashley has been using her platform to fight for size inclusivity in fashion. As a body positivity influencer, she encourages women to love their bodies as they are. 


3. SERENA WILLIAMS @serenawilliams (14.1M)


Top Body Positivity Influencers


Serena Williams is a fully accomplished professional tennis player who inspires a younger generation of women athletes and women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Being constantly told that she was too muscular or not pretty enough to be a tennis player, Serena is now one of the body positivity social media influencers that learned to ignore the negativity. As she said to Elle.com, “I realized I was in control of my feelings and focused on rising above the negative chatter and the unrealistic societal ideals placed on me. I love who I am”. She added, “I love my body, my skin, my confidence, and I fully embrace everything about me.”


4. WINNIE HARLOW @winnieharlow (9.3M)


body positivity social media influencers


Winnie Harlow is a Canadian supermodel and one of the top body positivity influencers who has paved the way for other models with skin conditions in the fashion industry. Despite being diagnosed with vitiligo at the tender age of four, Winnie didn’t let it define her. “I don’t find my beauty in the opinions of others. I’m beautiful because I know it.” Winnie has grown from being a model to a spokeswoman and one of the leading body positivity social media influencers, openly speaking about her battle with body image issues and her skin condition vitiligo.


5. KELLY CLARKSON @kellyclarkson (5.6M)


Top Body Positivity Influencers


American singer, songwriter, TV personality, and one of the body positivity influencers, and social media influencers, Kelly Clarkson, is truly admirable when dealing with body shamers. In her exclusive interview, she casually said: “I’ve just never cared what people think. It’s more if I’m happy and confident and feeling good. That’s always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family, I don’t seek out any other acceptance”.


6. ISKRA LAWRENCE @iskra (4.9M)




Iskra Lawrence is a famous British model and one of the top body positivity influencers who will inspire you to love yourself more than anything else. Since coming to terms with her changing body, this curvy model has decided to share her un-retouched pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and it started gaining her millions of fans around the world. Iskra has become the face of a body positivity brand Aerie and continues to “share her spark” with other women to embrace every inch of their bodies.


7. TESS HOLLIDAY @tessholliday (2.5M)




American plus-size model, blogger, one of the most famous body positivity influencers, and makeup artist Tess Holliday is a force to be reckoned with in the plus modeling industry. In 2013, she started her #effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram, where she calls on women to love their bodies (big or small) and that their size should not dictate their fashion choices. As a self-described body advocate, and one of the best body positivity Instagram influencers, she embraces the word ‘fat’ and encourages people not to let their body size and other people’s opinions stop them from living the life they deserve.


8. DANAE MERCER @danaemercer (2.4M)




Danae Mercer is an American health and travel journalist, public speaker, and one of the top body positivity influencers who is best known for exposing social media fakery in promoting her advocacy for the body-positive image. Danae posts before and after photos of herself on her Instagram, revealing the tricks Instagrammers use to look flawless and flattering versus what they look like in real life. While she has no problem with models and influencers editing their pictures, she aims to tell ordinary people that “online is not real” and should let go of unrealistic expectations of people’s bodies.


9. DANIELLE BROOKS @daniebb3 (2.4M)


danielle brooks


Danielle Brooks is an American actress and singer widely known for the Orange Is the New Black series. As one of the top body positivity influencers, Danielle started a body acceptance campaign with #voiceofthecurves. Danielle graced the cover of the September 2019 issue of Shape and shared a heartfelt video speaking about her journey: “I feel like the world has built these invisible bullets to bully us in telling us who we’re supposed to be and what we’re supposed to look like. And I’ve always had this desire to prove people wrong—to say that this body that I’m in is enough.”


10. GIGI GORGEOUS @gigigorgeous (2.1M)




Canadian internet celebrity and one of the top body positivity social media influencers, Giselle Loren Lazzarato Getty, known professionally as Gigi Gorgeous Getty, began her online career by posting makeup and beauty tutorials on her YouTube Channel. Identifying himself as a gay male, Gigi once shared in his old video what he thought about body image and self-love, wishing that people should stop worrying about what they aren’t and start caring about what they are. In December 2013, Gigi came out as a transgender woman. Now, as one of the most famous body positivity social media influencers, she wrote her 2019 memoir, “He Said, She Said: Lessons, Stories, and Mistakes from My Transgender Journey,” which received accolades for its message on radical self-love.


11. MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE @meganjaynecrabbe (1.3M)




Anorexia survivor turned body positivity activist Megan Jayne Crabbe inspires millions of followers with her journey. Megan is one of the top body positivity influencers that has so much to offer regarding self-acceptance and positive body image. After discovering the body positivity movement, Megan started her blog  @bodyposipanda to chronicle her journey. As one of the leading body positivity Instagram influencers, Megan also wrote her first book, Body Positive Power, where she shares tips and essential lessons on making peace with your body.


12. SARAH NICOLE LANDRY @thebirdspapaya (1.2M)




One of the most influential body positivity influencers and names in the BoPo movement is Sarah Nicole Landry, a speaker, writer, 4x cover girl, weekly podcast host, and the brain behind the popular social media account @thebirdspapaya. In the past, Sarah battled body image issues after having three kids by the age of 25 and reaching 16st 1 (225lb) on the scales. Now, as one of the strongest body positivity social media influencers, she’s more than proud of showing her cellulite, loose skin, and stretch marks. How she overcame her past struggles, Sarah keeps reminding herself that her body has nothing to do with her self-worth. “I really encourage women not to judge and understand body positivity is a choice about their own body and choices.”


13. MIK ZAZON @mikzazon (1M)




Mik Zazon is one of the top body positivity influencers, American health, and fitness coach, and the founder of the #NormalizeNormalBodies movement on Instagram. After recovering from 3 separate eating disorders, trauma, and an abusive relationship, Mik inspires body positivity and self-acceptance and raises awareness around eating disorders and mental health. According to her, “(t)he body-positive movement is specifically for people who have marginalized bodies,” hence, she centers her mission on helping women find the courage to speak their truth and learn to love themselves of any size.


14. LACHLAN WATSON @lachrwatson (936K)




The “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” star Lachlan Watson, one of the leading body positivity social media influencers, can inspire you to love the choices you make despite what other people might say. In identifying themselves as a non-binary, pansexual, and queergender, and one of the top body positivity influencers, Lachlan wants to show that “life, love, beauty, and worth don’t need to fit neatly into society’s boxes”. In one of their Insta posts, Lachlan says: “the best things for you will never be perfect because perfection will never challenge you.”


15. GABI GREGG @gabifresh (881K)




Fashion blogger and one of the top body positivity influencers Gabi Gregg (a.k.a Gabi Fresh) exudes confidence in whatever she wears. She collaborated with Swimsuits for All, where she designed a size-inclusive swimwear collection with the goal is to inspiring women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to feel confident while rocking a swimsuit. Gabi co-founded Premme, a fashion-forward plus-size clothing brand with fellow stylist Nicolette Mason.


16. ANNA O’BRIEN @glitterandlazers (850K)




Lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, and plus-size icon, Anna O’Brien, has been one of the most active voices in the plus-size community. As one of the top body positivity Instagram influencers, Anna supports curvy women in the fashion industry and uses her social media platforms to promote self-love and body acceptance. Recently, Anna opened up about her struggles with her weight and decided to embrace a more active lifestyle to address her health issues.


17. CHESSIE KING @chessiekingg (788K)




One of the amazing top body positivity influencers is also a presenter and feel-good guru, Chessie King. Once a teenager who was highly anxious about her height of 6 feet– a height much taller than her friends– now Chessie dedicates herself to speaking and inspiring teens to respect and appreciate their own bodies. In an interview, Chessie said that she hopes to be a role model for the youth by using her own experience as an example. “I went through a stage when I was 18 to 23 of just hating myself,” she shares. “And now I’ve come full circle, and I’m back to being free.”


18. DENISE BIDOT @denisebidot (763K)




“There Is No Wrong Way to Be a Woman” was a slogan by Denise Bidot, one of the most famous body positivity influencers.  The same motto gave birth to a website, and a movement launched last year to inspire women to love themselves and celebrate their individuality. As a former makeup artist and a runway model herself, Denise emphasizes how important it is to love one’s unique beauty despite imperfections. In the past two years, she has blazed a trail across New York Fashion Week runways and posed for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with her stretch marks untouched, sending a clear message that, indeed, there is no wrong way to be a woman.


19. EM FORD @mypaleskinblog (720K)




Em Ford became well-known when she published her “You Look Disgusting” video, a collation of negative comments thrown at her on social media turned into a short film that inspired hundreds of thousands. Despite becoming one of the top body positivity influencers, there was a time when Em left the social media sphere, leaving her followers baffled and at a loss. In a video where she broke her silence, Em admitted that she got into an emotionally abusive relationship which stopped her “feeling like a human”. With the help of a doctor, Em started winning herself back. She resumed weight-lifting and found new love, which helped her nurture a much healthier relationship. “I’m always going to believe in happily ever after and true love, but what is going to change, what has changed, is how much I value myself,” she quipped.


20. LITA LEWIS @followthelita (548K)




In her wildest dream, Instagram sensation and one of the top body positivity influencers, Lita Lewis, never saw that she would get to where she is now as an internet celebrity with her own clothing line. Flying from Australia to New York with only a budget for 21 days, Lewis now lives in Los Angeles, traveling worldwide to spread her body-positive philosophy. Lewis started training with a couple of friends in a park in Brooklyn, and people began noticing how she physically transformed. The group of three grew to 50 until she received calls from all over the country, inviting her to work out with them. For Lewis, a person is “only one decision away from being OK.” Having battled with depression herself, Lewis believes that “balance is important in life” and that downtimes will “make the good times feel like Heaven.”


21. JESSAMYN STANLEY @mynameisjessamyn (472K)




Jessamyn Stanley is one of the top body positivity influencers, a teacher, entrepreneur, and author who launched a wellness community known as The Underbelly. This community allows people to connect, do yoga classes, and encourage others to find comfort in their bodies. Being a fat woman of color herself, Jessamyn went through the painful process of learning to love herself and disregarding the opinions of others in favor of herself. She is an instrument of change, spreading the philosophy that strength may come in all shapes and sizes, in addition to being one of the most famous body positivity social media influencers today. 


22. MEG BOGGS @meg.boggs (439K)




Writer, athlete, mother, and one of the most famous body positivity influencers, Meg Boggs, is on a mission to “help women embrace their insecurities and take up space with confidence while living life unapologetically.” Meg created the popular hashtag, #ThankYouBody movement, which became viral on Instagram. As one of the leading body positivity Instagram influencers, she creates content around fitness inclusivity, mental health awareness, and self-acceptance. Through her book, Fitness for Ever Body, Meg wants to remind everyone to be “strong, confident, and empowered at any size.”


23. AMY PURDY @amypurdygurl (424K)




Multi-awarded para-snowboarder, motivational speaker, actress, clothing designer, and author Amy Purdy will inspire you that disability is not a hindrance to doing great things. Diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis at 19,  Amy was placed into a coma and put on life support, with less than a 2% chance of survival. Before she turned 21, both her legs had to be amputated, and her father donated her kidney. Despite all her ordeals, Amy rose above her situation and became one of the most influential body positivity influencers the world has ever known! 


4. KADEEJA SEL KHAN @emeraldxbeauty (409K)




Beauty influencer and body positivity advocate Kadeeja Khan is living proof that you don’t need flawless skin to be beautiful. Since she was 11, Kadeeja has lived with acne and is called many names, such as “a walking disease” and “pizza face”, which led her to heavily edit her photos on social media to receive accolades from people. While she enjoyed it for a while, she decided to drop the filters and show the world who she indeed was. To date, Kadeeja remains one of the boldest figures in normalizing acne and becomes one of the most popular body positivity influencers. In an interview, she expressed her desire to tell people with acne how they should embrace their acne because “everyone deserves to be beautiful no matter what condition their skin is in.”


25. KENZIE BRENNA @kenziebrenna (397K)




Kenzie Brenna is a Canadian speaker, actress, and writer who became one of the most popular body positivity influencers in the world. She hosts the podcast Conversations with Kenzie, which talks about the importance of mental health and self-love. Interestingly, Kenzie started social media to promote weight loss and diet accountability. However, she took a different route after coming across content creators who promote body positivity. Being a fat woman with cellulite and stretch marks, Kenzie realized that this was her niche. Since then, she has been relentless in using social media to inspire people to celebrate body love of any size.


26. BRITNEY VEST @fittybritttty (365K)




Wellness and fitness influencer Britney Vest struggled with her weight for a long time until she decided to do something about it. She joined Weight Watchers, and when she hit her goal after a year and a half, she started her journey to finding balance and happiness. Britney observed that one could get addicted to losing weight. She started promoting intuitive eating and, by being one of the leading body positivity social media influencers, she used social media to share with people how to listen to one’s intuition and not let one’s mental health suffer computing calories all the time. She is one of the top body positivity influencers and has also launched a size-inclusive workout line, WVVY, for people of different sizes and body types.


27. SONYA RENEE TAYLOR @sonyareneetaylor (333K)




Sonya Renee Taylor is an award-winning poet, transformational leader, and body image activist behind The Body is Not An Apology. This community, which cultivates radical body empowerment and self-love, has grown into a digital media enterprise that reaches almost a million people every month in over 140 countries. Sonya is one of the top body positivity influencers, and she shares her advocacies with the world by doing lectures, workshops, and performing arts, focusing on social justice, self-love, and personal and global transformation.


28. ERIK CAVANAUGH @erikcavanaugh (316K)




Another genuine body positivity pillar is Erik Cavanaugh. Erik became famous when he joined America’s Got Talent in 2016, where he showed the whole world how to defy conventional body standards in the field of dancing. Although he did not proceed with the contest, AGT became Erik’s ticket to success. He earned hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, and his videos were watched by millions worldwide. As one of the top body positivity influencers, Erik believes that stereotypes need to be broken and that those who make limits find themselves limited.


 29. MARY JELKOVSKY @maryscupofteaa (272K)




Eating disorder survivor turned body positivity advocate Mary Jelkovsky has won several competitions for having the “perfect bikini body”. She used to be utterly conscious of her figure since the early age of 11 and often measured her self-worth based on what she saw on the scale. She decided to free herself from the lies and focus on body positivity without taking mental health and emotional wellbeing for granted. Being one of the top body positivity social media influencers, Mary started her platform Mary’s Cup of Tea, where she teaches women from all corners of the world to love themselves unconditionally and be more confident in their bodies.


30. CANDICE HUFFINE @candicehuffine (269 K)




Candice Huffine is one of the plus-size models who instigated change in the fashion world. Landing her first contract as a plus-size model at 15, Candice headed out to make her dreams come true even though the world did not believe big women like her could make it in the industry. Candice now frequently stars in multiple campaigns and the pages of high-end publications such as Harper’s Bazaar. As one of the top body positivity influencers, she is also the first plus-size model to star in the prestigious Pirelli calendar. Alongside modeling, Candice now runs her activewear brand Day/Won, which sells inclusive sportswear ranging from 0 to 32.


31. STEPHANIE YEBOAH @stephanieyeboah (233K)




Stephanie Yeboah is an award-winning content creator, blogger, author, public speaker, and one of the top body positivity influencers. She is known for creating content that focuses on plus-size fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Her advocacy is to cultivate self-love by sharing her own experiences with fatphobia and how those going through the same traumas can turn their lives around for the better as she did.


32. ALLISON KIMMEY @allisonkimmey (226K)




Life coach and top body positivity advocate, Allison Kimmey, was once addicted to everything “fat-free”. She prioritizes her physical appearance until she wrote a letter to her unborn child in her pregnancy journal several years ago. She scribbled, “I hope you are nothing like me” — and just like that, her life took a significant turn. To date, Allison has helped thousands of women to free themselves from limiting beliefs to a more loving mindset daily. For her, “Real joy exists in acknowledging that your body is your vehicle, no matter what condition it is in.” 


33. TESS DALY @tess.daly (222K)


tess daly


Tess Daly is a Sheffield-based blogger and one of the top body positivity influencers who aspire to make a difference in other people’s lives. Despite living with spinal muscular atrophy, Tess continues to provide a regular dose of beauty and fashion inspiration to her growing followers. She believes that representation is crucial and she feels incredibly proud that she can represent even just a small portion of the disability community. Although it was never her goal to be an influencer, hundreds of thousands all over the world have been inspired by her determination and creativity.


34. NICOLETTE MASON @nicolettemason (210K)




It may come as a surprise, but Nicolette Mason did not initially dream of becoming one of the top body positivity influencers. The Cut regarded her more like an “accidental figurehead” for the plus-size industry as well as a gay rights activist. Graduating from Parsons School of Design, Nicolette has spent the last decade working in the fashion industry, focusing on body positivity, inclusion, and diversity. The former Marie Claire contributing editor, and now one of the leading body positivity Instagram influencers, said that one of the most important lessons she learned in life is, “No one has it all figured out” and that “all any of us can do is our best.”


35. KATHRYN BUDIG @kathrynbudig (209K)




Kathryn Budig is one of the top body influencers well-known in the yoga world. In college, she studied Drama and aimed to pursue an acting career in Hollywood, but she fell in love with yoga and took a detour from there. She started to teach yoga locally and hopped from State to State. Eventually, Kathryn reached the rest of the world through her books, “The Women’s Health Bog Book of Yoga: The Essential Guide to Complete Mind/Body Fitness and “Aim True: Love Your Body, Eat Without Fear, Nourish Your Spirit, Discover True Balance!”


36. MICHELLE ELMAN @scarrednotscared (198K)




Michelle Elman is another body positivity activist who shows the world that one can be scarred but not scared. Having gone through 15 surgeries in 20 years, Michelle inspires countless people to embrace their scars—both literally and figuratively—and live life to the fullest. She is an accredited life coach and one of the top body positivity Instagram influencers, and has appeared on various channels and publications like BBC London, Sky News, Loose Women, Huffington Post, Metro, and Stylist.


37. IZZIE RODGERS @izzierodgers (191K)




Izzie Rodgers is a figure well-known for her acne-positive content. This body positivity influencer is all about empowering her audience by showing them how to go against the grain and expressing individuality through artistry in makeup and an honest lifestyle. She passionately talks about food, fitness, and fashion and how they occupy an important place in making people feel great about themselves.


38. ALEX LAROSA-WILLIAMS @missalexlarosa (186K)




Alex Larosa-Williams is a curvy fashion model and one of the top body positivity influencers who rose to fame for her attractive and dazzling modeling photos and videos. Since she was young, Alex has been a fashion enthusiast, so she decided to make a career in the field she has always loved. Asos, Frieda, Camilla Valentina, and the likes have chosen Alex as their brand ambassador through her rising popularity.


39. SHANA MINEI SPENCE, MS, RDN, CDN @thenutritiontea (186K)




Shana Minei Spence is a body positivity advocate who believes that health involves both the physical and the mental well-being of a person. She is a registered dietician nutritionist and is the founder of @thenutritiontea. Shana labels herself as an “eat anything” dietician and coaches people to reach their goals without negatively affecting their mental health. Having overcome eating disorders and body dysmorphia herself, she hopes to guide people toward their goals by dismantling unrealistic expectations and believing in the health of every size.


40. ROSEY BLAIR @roseybeeme (178K)




Rosey Blair is a Dallas native plus-size model, Instagram star, and one of the top body positivity influencers who became famous for her lively and captivating photos and videos on social media. Rosey has partnered with multiple fashion and apparel brands like Torrid, 11 Honore, Madewell, and Shop Ltk and has also been featured in various fashion magazines worldwide.


41. SIMONE MARIPOSA @simonemariposa (167K)




To guide others on their journey to happiness, confidence, and overall wellness is Simone Mariposa’s goal in life. This plus-size model, actress, blogger, and influencer is passionate about fashion, travel, culture, and body positivity. In a blog post, she said that her zeal for activism motivated her to show women that they must not be degraded or treated poorly because of how they look. “My fat body is just a part of my beauty. It is an all-inclusive package. Do not pick me apart,” she wrote.


42. HARNAAM KAUR @harnaamkaur (163K)


harnaam kaur


A certified body positivity crusader, motivational speaker, activist, and model, among others, Harnaam Kaur is a living example of how one can use battle scars to succeed in life. Bullied as a teenager due to having so much body hair caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Harnaam tried taking her own life to end all her pain. However, by a sudden twist of fate, she decided to embrace her body instead, becoming unstoppable since then. She strutted catwalks, did a TEDx talk, filmed an international advertisement, spoke in public, modeled, and even spoke in the House of Parliament. Her journey from being a depressed little girl to one of the leading body positivity Instagram influencers is undoubtedly inspiring.


  1. ASH SOTO @radiantbambi (157K)




A vitiligo sufferer who hid her body for so many years, Ashley Soto is now out as a prominent influencer, spreading self-love and body acceptance. Being one of the top body positivity influencers, she spent most of her teenage years indoors, wearing long sleeves whenever she went out, even in the summer heat, to avoid people staring at her. Ashley decided to create an Instagram account to post beauty tutorials one day. As one of the top body positivity Instagram influencers, she started by only showing her face, but when she began posting photos of her body, the support she received made her realize how possible it is to love herself despite her skin condition. Since then, she has made it her mission to pay it forward and inspire women like her.


  1. KELLIE BROWN @itsmekellieb (149K)



Kellie Brown is a lifestyle blogger and plus-size influencer who introduced “cool fat girls” to the world. With her marketing and public relations background, she can encourage plus-sized women like her to speak up and pursue inclusion in all aspects of life. Kellie is also a self-made entrepreneur who sells apparel, clothes, and home decor.


  1. MILLY BASHKARA @millykeepsgoing (148K)



Milly Bashkara is one of the top body positivity influencers who taps social media as her instrument in helping people realize that they, too, can love themselves. Having suffered depression, binge-eating, and anorexia herself, she started posting content that showed her unedited and unairbrushed body for the world to see. According to her, the experience helps her rationalize negative thoughts and fight off body dysmorphia. For Milly, people need to understand that there are different body types, and not one style is superior to the other.


  1. MIRNA VALERIO @themirnavator (141K)



Mirna Valerio is a trailblazing body positivity influencer who loves to push the limits. Over a decade ago, she started a blog called Fat Girl Running, where she openly talked about diet obsession and how to be a fat, black runner in a thin, white world. Last year, she moved to Vermont– what she called the “third-whitest state in the country” to train more seriously. She dreams of building a property in the same state which focuses on “Black joy” and “Black mental health and wellness.” For Mirna, everyone is a beautiful work in progress, and it is just right to celebrate our body and the fact that it can do great things.


  1. JESSICA TORRES @thisisjessicatorres (139K)



Jessica Torres is a body positivity champion who once dreamt of becoming “the fat Latina Carrie Bradshaw.” Having realized that the mainstream fashion media did not seem to see, hear, or talk about women her size, she decided to create her platform and did her own thing for fashion. She received overwhelming support from people of different sizes who praised her content as “game-changing”. Being “a fat, unapologetic Latina from the Bronx who infiltrated a white, thin, and rich industry”, Jessica is truly a game-changer.


  1. SARAH SAPORA @sarahsapora (139K)



“EVERY body is a bikini body” for self-love and body positivity mentor Sarah Sapora. Her passion is to cultivate positive changes in women of all sizes. She believes that “self-improvement differs for everybody”, so her coaching approach is never about eating this or not eating that; instead, it is about looking within from a place of deep self-love and letting that love radiate to the outside world.


  1. BISHAMBER DAS @bishamberdas (136K)



Bishamber Das is the first Asian plus-size model in Britain and the first woman who brought the body positivity movement to India in 2015. Bishamber grew up with an alcoholic and abusive father, which led her to find solace in food and gain weight. In 2012, Bishamber decided to focus on her health and change her lifestyle for the better. She earned a degree in law and criminology and knows five languages. She also became the youngest magistrate in the UK when she was 22. These days, Bishamber is one of the most successful body positivity influencers, a plus-size model, and a champion in fashion and media diversity.


  1. ANNA SWEENEY @dietitiananna (127K)


Although a fully disabled person, Anna Sweeney is one of the ablest body positivity influencers in the world today. She is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and Supervisor and a Certified Intuitive Eating Specialist. She provides compassionate support to people in need of her service through Whole Life Nutrition Counseling, making them understand that body and movement are both personal and unique. For Anna, people need to realize the pleasures of living a whole life.


  1. TIFFANY IMA @tiffanyima (111K)


One of the top body positivity influencers, Tiffany Ima, is a living example of someone who looked “normal” on the outside but was sick on the inside. She battled with the many highs and lows of living with bulimia for 15 years. Tiffany thought changing her body would solve her misery, only to realize nothing could be more wrong. One day, she decided to commit to her wellness, improve her body image, and take her life back. Now, she stands as one of the best body positivity advocates helping women improve their overall well-being and recognizing their true worth to build joy.


  1. KELVIN DAVIS @kelvindavis (110K)


Kelvin Davis flaunts his fashion flair through his body-positive menswear blog, Notoriously Dapper, which turned into a social media empire and an award-winning novel. Through his blog, Kelvin showcases daily outfit inspiration for men of all sizes, encouraging them to be confident in their bodies. Kelvin has partnered with many brands such as Stitch Fix Men and JCPenney and has featured in reputable Buzzfeed publications to the New York Times and the Daily Mail.


  1. GINA SUSANNA @nourishandeat (108K)


“Only love leads to love” is how Gina Sussana sees and lives life. This body positivity writer, blogger, and Instagrammer focus on the axes of body politics and self-acceptance, making her content always honest and thought-provoking to stir change in her audience. She is earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health and frequently speaks in workshops, panels, and retreats to inspire people and make them realize how perfection does not exist, but our bodies are still worth all the love and respect.


  1. THAMARR @musingsofacurvylady (104K)


A full-time Progressive Care Night Nurse and a blogger, Thamarr Guerrier, is breaking barriers as one of the top body positivity influencers. She uses her platform to help women all over the world from all walks of life, whether they are age 10 or 60. She provides them a resource for confidence and inspiration, advocating body positivity, visibility, and inclusion that she believes is lacking in the beauty and fashion world. Being one of the top body positivity Instagram influencers, her goal is to help create a community where everyone belongs.


  1. KENNY ETHAN JONES @kennyethanjones (96.6K)


Kenny Ethan Jones grew a following after going viral for his campaign to normalize men with periods. He spearheads the discussion that body acceptance and neutrality go beyond weight issues. It’s about all facets of what it means to have a body. Kenny is one of the leading body positivity influencers in the rising transgender community on the web. He advocates menstruation, mental health, body politics, and intimacy and hopes trans people will eventually attain equality in all facets of life.


  1. BO STANLEY @bostanley (93.4K)


Professional surfer and one of the top body positivity influencers, Bo Stanley, rode her first wave at five, and she never stopped since. Bo grew up in a family of athletes and surfers, and she knew her destiny even before she started walking. As a strong and sturdy woman, Bo never believes in other people’s criticisms of her body type. Instead, she saw her body image as her greatest strength and ultimately made it her purpose in life. She helps empower women to be the strongest versions of themselves in body, mind, and soul. For Bo, “We don’t t need to change the size of our bodies to accomplish anything; we need to change the way we think about our bodies!”


  1. SHIRA ROSENBLUTH @theshirarose (93.4K)


Licensed clinical social worker Shira Rosenbluth is a vocal body positivity advocate who wishes to make this world a safer and more inclusive place for people of larger sizes. Having suffered from a severe eating disorder for over two decades, she knows how cruel this thin-obsessed world is, and she now dedicates her time to doing everything in her power to make sure that no one else has to go through the same struggles that she did. Shira specializes in treating disordered eating and body-image dissatisfaction through a weight-neutral approach.


  1. ARIELLE ESTORIA @arielleestoria (93.1K)


Spoken Word Poet, writer, and content creator, Arielle Estoria, provides you with some inspiration to feel good about your body. Although not all her content focuses on body positivity, they are thoughtful, full of joy, and worth checking out. She believes in the importance of realizing how unique each of us is and how gratitude plays a crucial role in living a full life.


  1. CLEMENTINE DESSEAUX @bonjourclem (92.6K)


This freckly and curvy beauty is “the first plus girl on TV in France,” but Clementine Desseaux also takes strides in other directions. She co-founded the body positivity campaign @allwomanproject, which aims for adequate representation of women from different ethnicities, ages, and sizes in the same ad campaign. She also leads a brand-strategy agency that helps fashion clients with production, direction, and brand identity. Being one of the top body positivity influencers, she is also a budding chef and offers up dishes from her kitchen, which she uploads on her blog, Bonjour Clem.


  1. CECE OLISA @ceceolisa (92.2K)


Award-winning writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Cece Olisa, preaches that you don’t have to wait on your weight to live the life you want. As a plus-size girl, Cece also had her share of insecurities, such as dating, job hunting, and finding wide calf boots. She then started her namesake blog and shared topics around dating, fashion, fitness, and being a curvy girl in NYC. Since gaining followers who shared insights and passion along her journey, Cece has made it her mission to help women build self-confidence. She was named one of the “Top 10 New York Fashion Bloggers” by WhoWhatWear and a “person who proves you can be fit at any size” by MTV.com. She co-founded theCURVYcon, a convention that celebrates body positivity and plus-size fashion during New York Fashion Week. 


  1. ZACH MIKO @zachmiko (86K)


Male body inclusivity has also earned an important place in the body positivity movement, and IMG’s first-ever brawn model Zach Miko is at the forefront of this movement. Zach grew up thinking that he looked terrible because he was not as thin and lean as the men in the magazine, but he decided to turn his life around and made it his mission to be a role model to younger men. Zach believes that men suffer from body image issues as much as women, but men just don’t talk about it. In a Marie Claire interview, Zach said, “It’s so important to have this conversation now with guys so they can learn self-love and self-acceptance at an early age, and they don’t spend the rest of their lives lashing out because they never learned that.” Zach also founded Meekos, a brand for big guys which aims “to change the narrative of what big and tall fashion is.”


  1. KALI KUSHNER @myfacestory (80.9K)


An essential aspect of the body positivity movement is dealing with skin issues. Instagram sensation Kali Kushner tackles these issues head-on and shows the world how real the struggle with acne is. Kali started @myfacestory to document her skin journey and connect with others who also had skin problems. Her following grew, and as she became one of the top body positivity influencers out there, her page remains a top inspiration, especially for acne-prone people. She has helped open up conversations about skin and de-stigmatize skin issues as the public becomes more educated on the subject. Speaking with Ditch The Label, she said that one can work on improving the skin, but “the goal should never be perfection.” Kali believes that “It is much easier to love and accept oneself than change it.”


  1. MORGAN MIKENAS @i_am_morgie (80K)


Amassing over 80,000 followers on her Instagram account, Morgan Mikenas is a star in her own right. This body positivity influencer and model loves to post fitness photos and short video clips on music, arts, and life in general. A few years ago, this Indiana model went viral when a few years ago, she decided not to shave for over 12 months and documented the experience. Although she received tons of harsh comments and stares from people, she also attested that she couldn’t be any happier. Her goal was not to make other women follow suit and stop shaving but to prove that the most important is to make choices that work for themselves rather than meet society’s expectations.


  1. JULES VON HEP @julesvonhep (79.9K)


Jules Von Hep is a celebrity tanner, Youtuber, podcaster, and one of the most well-known body positivity influencers. When he started a career as a spray tanner, he was yet to come out of his struggles with body dysmorphia and disordered eating. Jules hated his looks, but his job in the beauty industry changed his perspective on things. He realized that the most important thing is to be best friends with yourself. Jules created The Isle of Paradise, a self-tanning product line for everybody. He co-created Yan Tan Revolution, a sustainable knitwear brand that uses locally-sourced wool in the UK. For Jules, the key to happiness is “accepting the way you look and being healthy” and realizing that “we are not defined by our bodies and how we look.”


  1. NYOME NICHOLAS-WILLIAMS @curvynyome (79.1K)


Nyome Nicholas-Williams is the black plus-size woman who changed the Instagram policy on “semi-nude”. When Nyome posted some photos of herself sitting on a chair, wearing cycling shorts, and covering her breasts with her arms, the platform took the photos down for allegedly violating its semi-nudity guidelines. It came as a shock because Nyome knew that thin, white models did not suffer the same treatment. She bravely spoke about the disparity. Her supporters rallied under the hashtag #iwanttoseenyome, and a petition was launched and signed by almost 17,000 people. Instagram apologized and promised to update its policies on nudity to “help ensure all body types are treated fairly.” In an interview, Nyome said this experience “has opened up a much-needed conversation about why black plus size bodies are constantly being censored on social media and in day-to-day life.” “Enough is enough”, she added.


  1. KAI WES @kai__wes (78K)


Kai Wes rose to fame when Season 8 of the MTV series Are You The One? featured a cast that was entirely sexually fluid. Kai was female at birth, but he transitioned in 2016 when he became a nonbinary and transmasculine person. On Instagram, Kai documented his transition and the ups and downs that go with it. Now as one of the top body positivity influencers, Kai wishes to teach the world that “change does happen if you’re willing to put in the work” and that “life works out when you choose yourself.”


  1. VIRGIE TOVAR @virgietovar (77.8K)


San Francisco-based author, plus-size style writer, and Forbes contributor Virgie Tovar is a well-known advocate for fat activism. In a video released by Nylon, Virgie tells the difference between fat activism and body positivity, explaining her issue with the latter: “the face of (body positivity) becomes increasingly whiter, straighter, and thinner the more that the movement gains traction.” With a master’s degree in Sexuality Studies focusing on the intersections of body size, race, and gender, Virgie remains one of the nation’s leading experts and lecturers on fat discrimination and body image. In her new book, You Have the Right to Remain Fat, Virgie “delves into unlearning fatphobia, dismantling sexist notions of fashion, and how to reject diet culture’s greatest lie: that fat people need to wait before beginning their best lives”.


  1. BRIANNA MCDONNELL @_the_b_word_ (75.6K)


An absolute fashion favorite on Instagram, Brianna Mcdonnell is a big girl with a big mission who taps media to create the significant change she wants. “I’m on a mission to create fat positive film, television, and digital media,” Brianna shared in an interview. Her hope is “to see studios and production companies funding more marginalized creatives to tell their own stories.” As one of the top body positivity influencers, Brianna is all about making media inclusive to revolutionize the way people consume it. She believes that representative media is lifesaving.


  1. CAROLINA CONTRERAS @miss_rizos (74.6K)


Body positivity advocate Carolina Contreras is all about transforming pain into power. Born in the Dominican Republic and growing up in a multicultural community near Boston, she knew what it was like to be in a poor household plagued by illegal drugs and alcohol consumption. But this did not hinder Carolina from overcoming hardships to achieve great goals. After witnessing how African women were discriminated against in her native land, and how the country lacked black female role models, Carolina decided to start Miss Rizos, a blog where she shares information in Spanish about how to care for afro-curly hair and how to love their curls as they are. This seemingly simple beginning grew and has now served women all over the world on their journey to self-discovery and how to get rid of discrimination against curly hair.


  1. CHRIS MOSIER @thechrismosier (72.9K)


A hall of fame triathlete and a national champion race walker, transgender Chris Mosier is an achiever of many firsts: the first transgender athlete to represent the US in international competitions, the first trans athlete in the ESPN Body Issue, the first trans athlete sponsored by Nike, and the first trans to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the gender they identify. No wonder Chris has become one of the top body positivity influencers, and the go-to person for policy and information on trans people in sports. Transathlete.com is his brainchild, a resource for athletes, coaches, students, and administrators about trans inclusion in athletics.


  1. KENNI POWE @kennipowe (67.9K)


Instagram sensation and body positivity crusader Kenni Powe founded the social media movement Skinny Is Not a Compliment and uses her page to create and promote the representation of curvy girls everywhere. This Lizzo look-alike is not just an Instagram model! She’s worked with Lane Bryant, Forever 21, Sol de Janeiro, and many more.


  1. TATYANA MCFADDEN @tatyanamcfaddenusa (63.9K)


With 15 world gold medals and more than 20 major marathon wins, Tatyana Mcfadden is perhaps the world’s best female wheelchair racer of all time. Born with spina bifida and spending her first six years in an orphanage with virtually nothing, the paralyzed baby grew up to be one of the strongest and fastest women in the world and top body positivity influencers. For Tatyana, everyone has the power to be anything they want to be. No wonder that in 2020, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Road Runners Club of America, and in 2021, she was named one of the “Power Women of the Year” by Women’s Running magazine. Indeed Tatyana is breaking molds and showing the world that disabled people can be elite athletes too.


  1. ALEXIS CONASON @theantidietplan (59.7K)


Alexis Conason is a clinical psychologist, a certified eating disorder specialist, the creator of The Anti-Diet Plan, and the author of The Diet-Free Revolution: 10 Steps to Free Yourself from the Diet Cycle with Mindful Eating Radical Self-Acceptance. Alexis grew up in a home surrounded by disordered eating and dieting. She spent almost 20 years of her life going on and off diet plans until she had her life-changing moment when she was introduced to the Health At Every Size movement and began mindful eating. Since then, Alexis has become one of the most powerful body positivity influencers, and a helper to people who need healing from the wounds of diet culture. She wants to emphasize that there are many more important things than worrying about the number of calories they take.


  1. ALLIE KIEFFER @kiefferallie (58.6K)


Allie Keiffer is a distance runner, coach, and advocate for inclusivity. On her website, she shares her running journey transparently—failures and all– believing that running can be a means to overcome stereotypes and stigmas rather than being a place for them. A significant influence in her life was her sister, who died suddenly in a car accident. Allie said that her sister’s death lit a fire in her to explore and live in the moment, and that is what she has been doing and helping others do the same. This body positivity exemplar believes that her ultimate goal is to help others lead happier and healthier lives as they journey to achieving their own goals.


  1. LOUISE GREEN @louisegreen_bigfitgirl (58.4K)


“Athleticism is accessible to all, no matter what your size is” is the perspective of influencer, global fitness coach, author, and founder of the Big Fat Girl brand, Louise Green. A proven change-maker, Louise has helped thousands of women find their inner athletes and love their bodies no matter their size. Louise was the first plus-size athlete to be featured in elite publications such as Bicycling, Triathlete, Impact, Runner’s World UK, and Canadian Running. She has also done interviews at NBC on the Steve Harvey Show, Australia’s Good Morning, London This Morning, the BBC, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. For Louise, it is necessary to create a more inclusive fitness culture worldwide and show how fitness can help elevate a person’s self-worth, body image, and overall potential as a human being.


  1. MARGOT MEANIE @alternativecurves (48.5K)


Margot Meanie is one of the leading body positivity influencers, but her activism is not with words but with clothes. She believes that dressing her fat body can be an act of rebellion. Margot wants to show other women that an overweight person like her can be comfortable in whatever clothes she wants to wear. Her site is all about spreading self-love, magic, and body neutrality, helping her followers to make informed decisions on clothing, makeup, and other lifestyle items to celebrate the people they are.


  1. DANA FALSETTI @practicewithdana (47.2K)


Dana Falsetti is a white, fat, non-binary, and disabled person who speaks and writes to reach out to those who feel othered because of how their bodies look. She started with a message of body positivity. She then shifted focus to fat liberation, dedicating her site, Fullbeing, to prioritize fat, trans, and the queer community to learn and do yoga without paying a fixed enrollment fee. Anyone can pay however much they can, and anyone can use the space just to be themselves.


  1. SABINA KARLSSON @thesabinakarlsson (46K)


Freckled and red-haired, Sabina has been modeling since childhood. She has graced the runways of J.Crew, Addition Elle, and Christian Siriano, rejecting the rigid body standards that modeling requires. Ten years after being a contestant on Scandinavia’s Top Model, Sabina returned to the TV show as a guest judge. Last year, Sabina was featured in the book and photo exhibition by photographer Alexi Lubomirski entitled Diverse Beauty. She was one of the faces of L’Oréal Paris’s new True Match “Your Skin, Your Story” campaign. Sabina proves that body positivity is important and that not all good-looking models are happy with their bodies. It is crucial that people first accept their bodies and then change the world from there—freckles and all.


  1. KATE SPEER @kate_speer (44.3K)


That there is no shame in mental illness is Kate Speer’s principle in life. This same principle is what she is determined to teach the world. Having been diagnosed with the wrong condition more than once in her life, Kate suffered from extreme anxiety, major depressive disorder, and even suicidality. She was institutionalized at Mclean Psychiatric Hospital in Belmont, MA, and told that her only chance to survive was under in-patient care and vigilant supervision in a care facility. Fortunately, Kate’s parents met a doctor willing to take on her case, which became her second chance at life. Fast forward to now, Kate is happily married to Dave and lives with him and her PTSD service dog, Waffle. She is the CEO of The Dogist, a happy place on the internet for dog lovers. She continues to be one of the top body positivity influencers, showing the world how vital it is to share one’s vulnerability and let stories be the medicine that they are.


  1. ALISSA RUMSEY, MD @alissarumseyrd (43.3K)


“You don’t have to apologize for anything” is Alissa Rumsey’s motto in life. She is a registered dietitian, nutrition therapist, intuitive eating counselor, and the writer of the book “Unapologetic Eating: Make Peace with Food and Transform Your Life.” She founded Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness, a nutrition practice that helps people to realize that the problem is not themselves but the oppressive culture of dieting and thinness. She is a body positivity influencer who helps people be more aware of themselves and reconnect with their body’s inner wisdom to be comfortable and confident no matter what their size is.


  1. NEHA PARULKAR @nehaparulkar (43.2K)


Instagram influencer and plus-size model Neha Parulkar is no stranger to the harsh reality that most Indian women are rejected for their looks during the arranged marriage process. Being an Indian whose beauty standards are based on fair, thin, and lean Bollywood women, it was also challenging for her to love her weighty body at first. She worked to lose weight and lose weight she did, but Neha realized it did not make her happy and that there was no sense in doing something just for the sake of pleasing others. Since then, she took a different path and dedicated herself to becoming the role model she did not have as a child as she struggled with body image issues. She tells people that “self-validation and self-love are bigger than anything else” through her social media platform. While one cannot stop others from hating or judging, one can empower and stand up for oneself.


  1. OLAKEMI OBI @__olakemi__ (38.5K)


For London-born, plus-size model Olakemi Obi, “To achieve full-body confidence, one must first build mind confidence.” A healthy mindset is required to lead a healthier lifestyle and cherish oneself. The British Vogue, Curve Mag, Pride Magazine, and The Sun are just some of the well-known publications that featured her. Being one of the top body positivity influencers, she was also in the first-ever Plus Size Fashion Week Africa and has blazed the runway for UK Plus Size Fashion Week. Her website is all about modeling, empowerment, fashion, and lifestyle, teaching people to embrace and set new societal standards, which shows diversity.


  1. RAGEN CHASTAIN @ragenchastain (32.6K)


Ragen Chastain holds the Guinness World Record of being the heaviest woman to run a marathon. This body positivity influencer experienced being thrown eggs at by men in their cars, but that did not stop her from paving the way for plus-size folks involved in fitness. Ragen purposefully works out in public to show other plus-size people that everyone has the right to take up space in the world of fitness. Aside from being a marathoner, Ragen is also a speaker, writer, activist, and ACE Certified Health Coach and Functional Fitness Specialist, whose goal is to let as many people as possible know about size acceptance and health at every size.


  1. AARTI OLIVIA DUBEY @curvesbecomeher (30.6K)


Aarti Olivia Dubey is the self-proclaimed “fat brown feminist with a penchant for fashion” who runs the blog, Curves Become Her.  Having struggled with weight issues most of her life, Aarti decided to end the struggle and embrace her body when she turned 30. Aarti created a space to discuss body positivity, plus size fashion, and female empowerment– topics very close to her heart, being a fat person of Indian origins and having an academic background in psychology and psychotherapy. “I see body positivity as an extension of fat acceptance (which has been around for quite a while) and a wider spectrum of inclusivity for all bodies,” she said in a post. Apart from being a body positivity advocate, Aarti is also an animal lover. She is a proud owner of 5 rescue pets—3 dogs and two cats.


  1. SHAY NEARY @watchshayslay (26.7K)


Making history in the fashion industry as the first-ever plus-size transgender to land a major ad campaign, Shay Neary is one of the top body positivity  influencers who encourages her followers to “find things you love, and make it your style.” Growing up in a low-income family and moving from place to place to place, difficulties and challenges in life are no new things to this model. However, as she expressed in an interview once, “our flaws are sometimes the most beautiful things about us.” Shay has learned to earn confidence by letting go of what society thinks of her and learning to love herself for who she truly is, and these are the very lessons on body positivity that she wishes to impart to the world.


  1. ANA ROJAS BASTIDAS @anarojasbastidas (23.6K)


Colombia native, Florida-based Ana Rojas Bastidas found a love for running and completed marathons, something she did not think she could do in her life. Now a mother of 3, Ana conquers many hurdles and is at the forefront of revolutionizing the world’s view on breastfeeding. She has become a Certified Lactation Counselor and the proud founder of Orolait, a luxury apparel brand for breastfeeding mothers. She is dedicated to “all things postpartum,” which no one wants to talk about, and is out there to support women facing incredible pressure to meet unrealistic body standards. On her site, Ana posts photos of her, stretchmarks and all. She believes that women can learn to love themselves through education, inclusion, and advocacy.


  1. KATIE @_katiemeehan (21.4K)


Katie was born with Cystic Hygroma – a condition that causes cysts to form on the left side of her face, neck, and tongue, causing disfigurement. She had to go through invasive surgeries and started a blog to break down beauty standards. Using Instagram to share beauty tutorials, this influencer has built up a 200, 000 strong community of supporters and has been the “Young Achiever” awardee at the Chronicle Glass Slipper Awards in 2018. Katie has also been featured on BBC Three’s Skin Deep series and was invited to the UK Parliament alongside Gateshead College to be part of a round-table discussion on education equality. Katie is proud to represent people like her and help change young people’s lives for the better.


  1. REBECCA SCRITCHFIELD, MD @rebeccascritchfield (22.1K)

Rebecca Scritchfield

One of the influential names in self-care, health, and fitness is Rebecca Scritchfield, MD, a registered dietitian nutritionist, wellbeing coach, certified exercise physiologist, podcaster, and author of the book Body Kindness. Known for her Body Kindness philosophy, Rebecca aims to develop self-compassion by discarding the rules of diet culture and the common myth that losing weight is the way to achieve better health. She incorporates her weight-inclusive counseling practice to help people create a better life with attainable self-care goals that fit individual interests. Now as one of the top body positivity influencers, Rebecca continues to influence millions through her writing, podcast, and appearances in over 100 media outlets, including NBC Nightly News, CNN, the Today show, the Washington Post, O Magazine, Health, Shape, and many others.


  1. ANA ALARCON @anaalarcon (21.2K)


Oregon-based fitness instructor and vegan blogger Ana Alarcón has mastered the mind-body balance, but it didn’t always come easy for her. She used to measure her worth through the scale but found that this approach to health and fitness just wasn’t sustainable. It took her a while to realize that being healthy is so much more than hours at the gym and cutting calories. Since then, her definition of fitness has changed completely. She said: “Along with health, nutrition, and body confidence, one of my major passions in life is to inspire others to LOVE being healthy and active. To show you that eating plant-based food, being active and still having a life, traveling, going out with friends, feeling confident, and loving yourself IS POSSIBLE.”


  1. RYAN SHELDON @realryansheldon (21.2K)


Motivational speaker, brawn model, and National Eating Disorders Association chair Ryan Sheldon proudly and unapologetically owns his “imperfect body, history of binge eating disorder, and evolving sexuality”, and hopes to encourage men, teens, and marginalized folks to do the same. Having suffered from binge eating disorder in 2015, it became Ryan’s passion for raising awareness about binge eating and body image issues. He also speaks about masculinity, identity, and body confidence as an LGBTQ+ man. Ryan is currently working on a book about learning to eat mindfully and loving themselves just as they are.


  1. STEVIE BLAINE @bopo.boy (20.5K)


Certified BoPo Boy and one of the top body positivity influencers, Stevie Blaine, inspires many with body image issues. Having struggled to change his body appearance, he tried yo-yo dieting and every fitness trend but soon realized that he lost not only just weight but, more importantly, a big part of himself. Stevie transformed himself from someone anxious to meet society’s narrow view of beauty to someone who unapologetically flaunts his imperfect body. Since then, by being one of the top body positivity Instagram influencers, his Instagram account has grown into all areas of body confidence and self-love, inspiring others to start embracing their bodies, with flaws and all.


  1. JENNA DOAK @bodypositivefitness_ (20.4K)


Toronto-based Body Positive Fitness founder and the woman behind the Instagram community Body Positive Fitness, Jenna Doak, is not your ordinary personal trainer. Her physique may not be something you will expect of a fitness instructor, but Jenna proves that she is more than certified to be one. Jenna brings a “100% judgment-free” culture to her clients’ fitness journey. Rather than setting goals to change body size or appearance, she teaches others to build strength, increase mobility, improve mood, get better sleep, and other aspects of overall health. No wonder she attracts clients of all shapes and ages and continues to inspire them to be physically strong no matter their body size.


  1. KEAH BROWN @keah_maria (19.4K)


Keah Brown, a New York City-based journalist, author, social media influencer, and one of the top body positivity influencers, has finally found her peace despite living with cerebral palsy. How she turned her disability into a strength, Keah began to look in the mirror every day and said out loud four things that she liked about herself at that moment. Since then, she began to feel better about herself and encouraged others who are differently-abled like her to look at the brighter side of life. Keah coined the hashtag #disabledandcute, which went viral on Instagram! Keah has started speaking at conferences, writing articles, and releasing her first book, The Pretty One.


  1. JENNY GAITHER @jennygaither (19.3K)


Competitive dancer-turned Brave Babe founder and certified Confidence and Mindset Coach Jenny Gaither has made it her life mission to help women build inner confidence and self-worth. After battling body image issues and eating disorders herself, Jenny decided to create her own platform after finding no open community-powered platform for struggling women like her. So, her Movemeant Foundation was born – an internationally recognized 501c3 committed to helping girls and women battling with a negative self-image. Jenny wants to show other women that there’s another standard of beauty: one that doesn’t have a bar at all. Her #1 motivating mantra to get through challenging moments: “Your biggest breakdowns lead you to your biggest breakthroughs.”


  1. NICOLE GROMAN @thehungryclementine (17.4K)


Nicole Groman is a registered dietitian and body positivity advocate who defy dieting and teaches people the importance of “prioritizing their bodies over their minds”. As a “non-diet” dietitian, Nicole encourages her clients to listen to their bodies and not deprive them of what it needs. On why she prefers non-restrictive eating: “I believe that body positivity comes from treating your body with respect by honoring hunger, fullness, and cravings”.


  1. RACHEL SPENCER @mycoachrachel (17K)

rachel spencer

Life/Business Coach, Mental Health advocate, and Self-Love and Body Positivity Influencer Rachel Spencer is on a mission to help women feel confident, worthy, and beautiful in their own skin. Once bullied by boys about her weight, she taught herself to love her curves and be proud of her body. Rachel runs her Journey to Worthy Podcast, where she shares real, raw, vulnerable stories of people finding their worth amid their arduous journey to self-love.


  1. SLYVIA MAC @love_disfigure (17K)


Love Disfigure founder and child burns survivor Sylvia Mac has spent most of her life trying to conceal the large scars covering her body. One day, that moment at the beach with her mother and son became the turning point in her life that made her decide to come out into the open. In starting her website, Sylvia began her mission to raise awareness and support those living with disfigurement. Now as one of the top body positivity influencers, she also campaigns to challenge the fashion industry, media, and society to represent and accept people who look “different”. Recently, Sylvia received The Boots Wellness Warrior, Woman Of The Year Award and dedicated it to all those women who struggle with their mental health as she did for many years, inspiring them that anything is achievable.”


  1. AMRITA HEPI @amrita_moves (15.9K)

amrita hepi

Amrita Hepi is an award-winning First Bundjulung and Ngapuhi dancer, choreographer, and activist working in experimental dance. Living by the idea of dancing like nobody’s watching, Amrita encourages people to be confident and comfortable in their bodies. In her TedxYouth talk titled “To Be a Good Dancer, Don’t Give a F**, she says dance is about separating yourself from the gaze of others and just enjoying your body. “Commit to your movement,” she says. “There’s nothing to lose from movement.”


  1. LACEY HENDERSON @laceyisyourfriend (14.3K)


Lacey Henderson has never let her disability deter her from accomplishing feats as a Paralympian and record holder in her competition for the long jump categories. Even as a 9-year old child whose right leg was amputated in a lifesaving measure, she didn’t focus on the negative. Driven with a strong mindset, she took on the toughest of challenges, including highly competitive cheerleading in high school and at the college level for Denver University. On maintaining a positive body image, Lacey admits that it is hard, especially when social media is filled with curated images that show perfect bodies, perfect lives, perfect “everything”. However, she has been leaning into finding her own “curated image” different from others, because as she said, “we are in such a cool time where being our authentic, genuine, and different selves is an asset.”


  1. CHENESE LEWIS @cheneselewis (10.2K)


Chenese Lewis is a famous plus-size fashion model, actress, sought-after speaker, expert commentator, philanthropist, and one of the most famous body positivity influencers and self-worth advocates. After being crowned as the first Miss Plus America in 2003, Chenese started collaborating with various plus-size brands in different capacities. She has modeled for the national chain Torrid and was the Coast-to-Coast Curves Spokesperson for Ashley Stewart. In 2014, Chenese was one of “The Top Six Plus Fashion Power Players in the Plus Industry” recognized by Ebony.com. As a style guru in the plus-size industry, Chenese also appeared as an expert on Dr. Phil, Huffington Post Live, and was quoted in USA Today. Genuinely embracing who she is, inside and out, Chenese attributes her success to not conforming to society’s beauty ideals but showing by example that you can be beautiful and confident regardless of your size.

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